Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Purple Hair?

It's been a long while since I last dyed my hair.  For one with so little patience, I find sitting at  the hair salons for hours waiting to get my hair coloured simply too challenging, and most DIY hair dyes out in the market are too difficult to use... literally arm- and neck-breaking!  So when I saw a TV ad for this new product Liese Bubble Hair Color, I was  just dyeing to try it!  I chose a purplish color - Cassia Berry...

Much to my delight, it was really a breeze to use - Simply mix the 2 bottles of liquid together, squeeze the applicator and apply the foam onto your hair, just like shampooing!  Piece of cake!

I am almost tempted to show you my whole face with a head full of purple bubbles, but it is really too comical for public consumption ;p  So... here's the more palatable end result  :-)


  1. Love the color! I'm thinking of adding purple highlights to the style you suggested!

  2. oh that's cool! purple would be nice against your current hair colour too! :)

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